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Mike Bush

Mr. Mike Bush





Course Description: Engineering I

Engineering I teaches students the history of engineering and the careers associated with the field. The students will also learn the foundations and fundamentals of engineering and materials, as well as the engineering design process and the steps one follows for successful design planning. Additionally, students are introduced to the advanced concepts of 3-D sketching and modeling with CAD software. The course introduces students to the field of robotics in engineering. It also focuses on several fields of engineering specialization.


Course Description: Engineering II

Engineering II is a comprehensive course that focuses on the following four systems: electrical, fluid, mechanical, and thermal. It also introduces students to flexible manufacturing systems, or how robotics and drafting work together to create products. Additionally, the course teaches students advanced robotic concepts. Students will also learn valuable workforce readiness skills and prepare for jobs in the many fields of engineering.





AA Degree - Electronics Technology  -  Jones County Junior College 1994

BS Degree - Technical and Occupational Education  -  University of Southern Mississippi 1996


21 years with the Brookhaven School District

Diversified Technology, Technology Applications, Engineering-Robotics